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Angel Albert

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  • Dimensions (H, L, W):
    32 × 18 × 9 cm / 12.6" × 7.1" × 3.5"
  • Materials:
    Cotton, jersey, wool blend coat fabric, jute string, cotton yarn, semi-woolen yarn, kraft polyester filler
  • Type:

 This sweet and cheerful angel named Albert is handmade with love and care from natural materials.

He loves to do good deeds for people and gets great pleasure from it. Albert will be a nice friend and a lovely stylish gift for children and adults. He has a magical vest with wings, a key of happiness in his pocket and a long jute string with which he can hang happily on the wall or in any other cute and cosy place


 All stuffed animals will be beautifully packaged.
Each toy is unique, and no two toys are the same.

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