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A champion in jumping

A kangaroo named Kanga is a very caring and loving mum for her baby Joey. The baby enjoys drinking milk, sitting comfortably in his mother’s bag. Joey really loves when his mum starts doing her famous jumps.

This is his favourite entertainment - to look at the world from his mother’s bag with his eyes wide open and feel this incredible feeling of jumping and landing. His mother Kanga can jump 3 metres high and almost 9 metres long.

Joey is very proud of his mother because she became the champion in long and high jumps in their fairy forest.


And the little toddler dreams of one day becoming the champion in jumping, like his mother. Now is the favourite time for Joey, because his mum is preparing for important jumping competitions. Mum Kanga very often jumps, which is incredibly pleasing to the baby, and you already know the reason for this joy.


Her friends often come to Kanga's training sessions - the mouse Fany, the fox Sunny, the giraffes Jerry and Mary, the penguin Kerry, Moomin and Snork Maiden.

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