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The largest sunflower 

A fox named Sunny always has a cheerful and sunny mood.

He loves to grow different plants, especially flowers. His favourite flower is a sunflower. He dreams of growing the largest and most beautiful sunflower in a fairy forest.

Once, his grandmother read him a fairy tale about the largest sunflower in the world, on top of which all the inhabitants of the fairy forest could be accommodated.


Now the fox is still thinking about how the inhabitants of his fairytale forest will climb to the top of his largest and most beautiful sunflower.

Recently, he heard (in confidence) that a balloon trip is planned in a fairytale forest.

It might be a good idea to visit the top of his biggest and most beautiful sunflower of the future.

Sunny decided to share this super idea with his friends - dog Toby, kangaroo Kanga, mouse Fany, giraffes Jerry and Mary, penguin Kerry, Moomin and Snork Maiden.

Rabbit Fly is also his friend, but the rabbit should not know about the upcoming balloon trip.

And all the inhabitants of the fairytale forest try to observe this secret rule, however difficult it would be for them...

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